What should I wear? 

For a portrait shoot, wear something neutral, natural, plain and crease resistant. Try to dress everyone in coordinating outfits and avoid logos and bright colours.

What if my baby cries? 

Don't panic, we will take a break until they are settled. If they have an accident, no worries, we will keep calm and carry on!

What if I am tense and uncomfortable?

I will feed you tea and biscuits and chat about what we are going to do until you feel relaxed enough to nod off if it weren't for the noise of the shutter!

What about hair and make up?

Yes ~ do it, style yourself beautiful or I can arrange a make up artist to make you look gorgeous for an additional cost.

Can you come to my home?

I can but would chat to you first about the location to ensure we get the best pictures.

Will we be inside or outside? 

I have a scenic outdoor space in addition to the studio which makes a nice backdrop if the weather is suitable.

Can I make suggestions?

Of course - it is important that you are happy so suggest away!